Course Description

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3-Day Front Office Master's Program

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Agenda Day 1 No Nonsense Leadership Techniques

Build a Superstar Team and Facilitate Goals

  • The Meaning of a Great Leader
  • Common Leadership Skills
  • Communicating the Vision

Personality Profiles and their Impact on the Team

  • DISC Personality Test
  • Study the 4 Personality Traits with Focus on Work
  • How Personalities Affect the Team
  • Put the Right Person in the Right Position

Interview Questions

  • Job Related, and Body Language

Performance Reviews

  • How to make them Job Related not Emotion Based
  • Clarity Regarding Wage Increases
  • Clarity Regarding Goals

Reports, Monitors, Statistics

  • Numbers Don’t Lie
  • What to look for when Evaluating Job Performance
  • Profile of an Embezzler


  • Most Common Errors in the Dental Front Office
  • Cross Training and Computer Training
  • Based off of Job Description

Job Descriptions, the Who, What, Why, Where

  • Office Manager
  • Insurance Coordinator
  • Scheduling Coordinator
  • Treatment Coordinator

New Hires, Would You Hire You?

  • Orientation Checklist
  • Personnel Policy Manual
  • Forms
  • Rewards and Bonus Options that Motivate

Positive and Productive Staff Meetings, “It Takes a Village”…

  • Why do we have Meetings
  • Why do we have Monitors
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • How to Make the Meeting Productive, not a War of Words
  • Agendas/Note Taking
  • Empowering Ideas for Meetings

Agenda Day 2 Medical Insurance an Untapped Resource

The Role of the Doctor in Medical Billing

The Role of the Team in Medical Billing

Creating Templates and Superbills

Code Books and how they are used

  • Procedure Codes
  • ICD-10 Codes

Procedures that can be Billed to Medical Insurance

In-House Billing System
Outsourcing Medical Billing

Sign all Clinical Notes

  • Regardless of Whether Dental or Medical
  • Make sure entire team knows where to put notes

Enhancing SOAP Notes and Documentation for Better Reimbursement

  • SOAP Notes
  • Proper Documentation
  • Health History

Innovative Methods for Treatment Planning, and Gathering Health Histories

  • CMS-1500 Claim Form
  • How to fill out the CMS-1500 Claim Form

Afternoon Activities Include an Interactive Workshop on filling out the claim form

Participants are invited to bring case studies

NOTE:  The intent of this class is to teach students how to bill medical insurance while keeping it in house.  There are many ways of submitting claims, which include buying software or outsourcing to a billing company.  In this class, it is our goal to keep this process as simple as possible and give participants all the options. 

Agenda Day 3 Systems, Systems, Systems

No Nonsense Formulas for Scheduling to Goal

  • Scheduling to Goal
  • Formula for Figuring Daily Goal
  • Scheduling Rules
  • Reports for Filling Holes

Verbiage to Enhance Patient Compliance

Receiving Money, a Fun Function of the Front Office

Facts about Accounts Receivable

  • Insurance
  • Collections
  • Breakdown of Aged Accounts
  • Facts about AR
  • Over the Counter vs. In the Mail

Necessary Reports for Monitoring Practice Progress and Supervising Team Growth

  • Adjustments
  • Practice Numbers and Statistics
  • Audit Trails
  • Insurance
  • Collection/A.R./Statements


  • Fixed Expenses
  • Variable Expenses
  • Chart Audit & Reactivation
  • New Patient Interview/Experience
  • Handle every patient like an egg
  • Hand-offs

Class Times are 9am to 4pm
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