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  • (877) 235-7100 | Portland, OR - 1711 N. Jantzen Ave
  • (877) 235-7100 | San Diego, California - 10620 Treena St #230

All classes now available in live remote training.

The American Dental Association (ADA) as well as many state dental associations has recommended that dental practices close for non-emergency procedures at this time. That said COVID-19 mandates are constantly changing depending on the state and type of services offered in your practice. This has prompted many questions and ideas on what can be done while the offices are temporarily closed. This information can also apply if work hours are cut significantly, but the office is technically still "open."

If you are not seeing patients or customers, you can consider having staff work on projects, paperwork or other tasks from home. Of course, this depends on finances and cash flow, given that revenue will not be generated during this time. One option is to invest in education for you and your team. That education can be as easy as learning more about the computer, or updating dental techniques.

In order to do our part in helping dentists and dental professionals update their computer skills, we have created a Virtual Learning Center. Since this is a great time to catch up on Education for yourself and the other members of your team, these lessons can be taken at home, and at any time. We have modified and edited all of the “In Person” classes offered at our San Diego and Portland locations, and formatted them into live virtual sessions. Each lesson is approximately 4 hours long. They can be one on one training's, or meetings. Never the less, the student has full access to the training computer here, at ADPC. And full interaction with Becky, the instructor.

Until this pandemic passes or gets under control we wish you safety and stability as we all can keep in mind that this too shall pass!

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