Reports, Monitors and Statistics

Reports, Monitors and Statistics

This course is offered online via Live Computer Screen Sharing (For Doctors and Spouses only)

There are many dental software systems and management tools that provide essential reports and statistics on the market today. This information offers a vast array of assistance to help manage your practice, maintain financial information and identify trends. The proper use of reports and statistics can provide a sense of well-being, the possibility of financial success, control of time, and valuable tools for marketing. The best part is that you already have many of these important features available and at your disposal in your current dental software. 

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In this 3 hours session designed for Doctors and Spouses you will:

"Recently, with the turnover of a front office staff member, I called Becky Gerber to look things over for the new incoming employee. What a shock and mess with all the accounts she uncovered. And then the marvelous "turn around and clean up" job she did for my practice! What did I learn? Do periodical front office administrative reviews. I will never let those duties go unattended again." 

Thank You, Barry