Dental Insurance Billing

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Dental Insurance Billing
Online Course

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This self-paced, online course is specifically designed to give the administrative dental assistant a strong background and thorough understanding of how the dental insurance process works. You will gain practical knowledge and relevant, up-to-date information that will enable you to excel as a Dental Insurance Billing Specialist.

Course Objectives: Dental insurance processing requires an understanding of different types of insurance coverage, patient eligibility, and insurance terminology, along with accurate insurance procedures and effective followup. This course will address all these and more.

Our Online Dental Insurance Billing Course is available everywhere, to anyone who would like to learn about Dental Insurance Billing. This self study course takes approximately 12 hours or more to complete. The fee is $199.00.

All the material is provided online and includes many handouts and cheat-sheets. There is also an extensive Dental Insurance Terminology Glossary in the resource section.

You will learn how to:

  • Determine patient coverage and eligibility
  • Utilize the CDT Manual to accurately code procedures
  • Complete and submit an ADA approved claim form
  • Understand Explanation of Benefits, payments, and adjustments
  • Follow-up with insurance companies and work unpaid claims

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Developing Insurance Follow-Up From Within

"With the majority of dental offices being driven by insurance, accurate billing is a powerful tool in maximizing practice profitability. A well trained dental biller is required to keep track of payments from insurance carriers, filing and submitting authorizations and claims, verifying eligibility, explaining treatment to patients, and collecting the correct co-payments."

At the end of this course, you will receive an original Certificate of Completion which shows your
commitment to further education and career advancement.

I have had the distinct honor of taking some of ADPC's on-line courses as well as meeting Becky Gerber in person: What a wonderful experience! I was able to successfully transition from a Dentrix background to a new position in an office using EagleSoft practice management software. Becky gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to be successful. Thank you Becky!

ADPC has a lifetime of experience in the field of dentistry which is professionally and passionately shared with students. Their goal is for professionals in this field to be successful. Becky is a gifted instructor who provides instruction with kindness, compassion and competence. She has the innate ability to blend the clinical aspect of dentistry and the administrative aspect into a streamlined, comprehensive, easy to understand learning experience that is easily applied in 'real-life' dental offices.

The technical side of ADPC is absolutely top notch and the entire on-line process (registration, payment, access to the learning material, access to the instructor, etc...) was delivered with no glitches or technical bugs--the entire experience was seamless.

I look forward to taking more of Becky's courses as well as attending her speaking engagements--she is a valuable resource for all us!

Thank you again Becky!

Brenda B.


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