Computer Conversion

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There have been many questions surrounding computer conversions:

  • Is it recommended to allow for an electronic conversion with the new system, or is a manual conversion better?
  • Do sales reps or computer programmers really know dentistry, or what it’s like to work in the trenches of a Dental Front Office?
  • How long should we work with the old software after conversion?
  • Do we really need to clean up the old software before conversion?
  • When is a good time to do a conversion?


A computer conversion needs to be within the same software through updates. Or if new doctor, it is recommended that the software just change the license agreement, and then update.

There needs to be a certain amount of time allotted to clean up insurances, and account balances in the old software before data is converted over to new system.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the patient base, the more beneficial a manual conversion would be.

Doing a manual conversion is excellent training for the team and the patient charts are easily updated with proper forms and releases.

Problems to Avoid:

  • Data Fields are not the same from software to software and if redundant or wrong information is converted it is very hard to fix in the new system.
  • If a field is left blank in the old software, the new system will default to something wrong. IE: Gender.
  • There are some modules of the old software that cannot be deleted.
  • With electronic conversion redundant or incorrect data comes forward in wrong windows.
  • Some data should have never even come forward in the first place.
  • After sale of practice, do not intermingle accounts

Here’s what ADPC can do for you:

• Cleanup remotely in a matter of weeks
• Dedicated time and dedicated space
• No down time for the practice
• Resubmit insurances
• Delete outdated claims
• Send billing statements

Remember: There is always bound to be some issues, but with a little help from Becky,
what could have been a mountain is now a mole hill.

What people are saying:

“Recently, with the turnover of a front office staff member, I called Becky Gerber to look things over for the new incoming employee. What a shock and mess with all the accounts she uncovered. And then the marvelous turn around and clean up job she did for my practice! What did I learn? Do periodical front office administrative reviews. I will never let those duties go unattended again.”

Thank You, Barry