Medical-Dental Insurance Billing


Medical-Dental insurance billing virtual course

Billing medical insurance for medically necessary procedures can be an untapped revenue source in most dental practices and is rapidly becoming more important in today's competitive environment. Billing medical insurance can increase cash-flow and add value to the practice with enhanced case acceptance and improved patient loyalty.

                                 This is a live, 4 hour virtual, one-on-one training session, using Zoom as the screen sharing platform.                                                                   It is an advanced more in depth and personalized session direct with the instructor.                                                Receive 4 PACE Continuing Education Credits upon completion of course

This course will provide the basics of medical-dental billing and coding, and will give participants the confidence to implement a cross coding system of their own.

Many of our students are general dentists and practice administrators exploring the possibilities of billing medical insurance to see if it is a good fit for their office.

Training sessions are available Monday – Friday. Time slots are either 9:00am-1:00pm PST or 1:00pm-5:00pm PST. Requires computer with high speed internet along with camera and speakers. Access to a printer is helpful. Contact our office to check availability and book now!

It is important to note that medical insurance billing is a team driven process, therefore, it is beneficial for the clinical staff to take part as well.

Note: The intent of this class is not to teach students how to bill medical insurance with their current dental software system. There are many other ways of submitting claims, which include buying another software or outsourcing to a billing company. In this class, it is our goal to keep this process as simple as possible by keeping it in-house.


  • How to integrate medical billing into the dental practice for medically necessary procedures
  • Learn what procedures are medically billable
  • Learn the responsibilities of team members, starting with the dentist
  • Understand why documentation and records are vital for reimbursement
  • Learn how to write SOAP notes
  • How to successfully use CPT, ICD and HCPCS codes
  • Learn how to complete the CMS-1500 medical claim form


  • Comprehensive Medical Examination (CME)
  • Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN)
  • Operative Report (OR)

Please realize, this is not a complete, comprehensive package. Some information is beyond the scope of this course. You will still need to learn as you go, as it relates to your individual circumstances and practice.

Upon completion of this course, receive 4 PACE continuing education credits.

What people are saying:

“I absolutely love and enjoyed the course. Becky exceeded my expectations giving us tons of useful information.”

Janny C.

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